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OME believes in creating and promoting spaces where performers and composers are welcome and uplifted. The tools below will help all of us create a more inclusive new music scape.

Institute for Composer Diversity

“The Institute for Composer Diversity is committed to the celebration, education, and advocacy of music created by composers from historically underrepresented genders, racial, ethnic, and cultural heritages, and sexual orientations as well as disabled composers. We provide dynamic, flexible resources to the music community in order to advance an environment in which historically underrepresented groups are fully represented and supported. We also advocate for diversity and inclusion in the arenas of concert music programming, music education, research and publishing, and community engagement through interactive digital tools, data curation, and public advocacy.”

Guitar Music by Black Composers

“This spreadsheet will be an ever-updating resource for music written by Black composers for guitar/other plucked instruments, updating both as older works are rediscovered and new works are commissioned.”

Diverse Composers of Wind Band Music

A google sheet curated by Christian Michael Folk.

Many Many Women

“The main focus of this index is on women making various kinds of experimental/avant garde music. Some of these artists may also work within more mainstream forms, but they are included here because of their other work that is more challenging.”

Chamber Music America Composer Equity Project

Composer Diversity Collective

“Our core membership is composers of diverse backgrounds, but we welcome all industry professionals who demonstrate a commitment to these goals in their hiring and mentoring practices.”

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